Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Procedure to Upgrade Google Nexus One to Gingerbread 2.3.4 Update

Here's the step by step procedure how to install the latest 2.3.4 update on Samsung Google Nexus One:

Please Note : If you got a super user access in the previous 2.3.3 update will be lost after
switching to this new 2.3.4 update. You may also need to reconfigure your Intenet  Settings to regain access to the internet if the Internet APN settings lose after this process.

Procedure installing the 2.3.4 firmware on your Google Nexus One:

1. Download the the 2.3.4 firmware update for Nexus One on your computer. 
2.Connect the phone to PC using the USB data cable.
3. Copy the firmware file into your phone( Do not unzip it, rename or modify the file name or it will not be recognized by the phone that it is an update file.
4. Turn Off the Google Nexus One, once the file is already copied. Then remove the USB data cable connection.
 5.While the Google Nexus One is Turned OFF: Hold down the trackball and then press the Power button.
    The phone will then turn on into RECOVERY MODE.

6. Once the phone already set into recovery mode, you'll see that the device will be booting in the white screen with the Android robots on the skateboards after which you will have to select the “Bootloader” option and then in the next screen you will have to select “Recovery” option.

7. Now, press the power button and volume up button at the same time, after that use the trackball  to select “Apply sdcard:update.zip” and then select the file which you have copied in the phone.

Nexus One Recovery Mode

- Just select the same and select the firmware file which you have copied into the  phone and then press the “Power” button to select the same.
-Once the firmware update zip been selected, It will automatically start the process. just wait a couple of minutes until it will completely installs the update.

- If the update installing process finishes the phone will then again return to recovery mode menu.
 Just select the  “reboot” to reboot the same. Then the phone will then reboot, if it will ask for language, just select the same...

That's it and done....

courtesy of droidangel


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