Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hosting / Repository part 3

Data Storage
563) PhotoAlbums+ - Manage Photo Albums without iTunes Keywords: PwnTunes iRealSMS 3.0 iRealQuickSMS iRealSMS 2.0 SpiritOfLogic without iTunes library import export save store share extract access from any pc sync filetransfer file transfer copy delete paste insert USB videos photos pictures no multiple libraries computers PCs plug and play mobile device yourtube youtube files iFile safari download manager adownloader SBSettings toggles itethering Activator Preferences Settings wi-fi sync SwapTunes iBlank RockApp ffmpeg MiVTones fileviewer safari download plug-in dTunes itunesdb joymusic multimusicinfo unify afc2add makeitmine Backgrounder attachmentsaver intelligentshare ftp server mytunes iRemix iClassic vlc4iphone myprofiles iPhone fast iPad MyWi my3g Multitasking Compatible Compatibility iPod manager wifi wlan apple player app application crack Cydia Store free trial jailbreak 3.0 4.0 3.x 4.x firmware Drag&Drop backup harddisk windows dcim my database album art track info format photos albums photo album create manage move delete password protect photoalbum photoalbums videos photosalbums picture albums camera roll pictures folders add album
564) BingTranslate.framework - client library for translate API
565) BTstack - Portable User-Space Bluetooth Stack
566) CarbonateJSON.framework - light, easy-to-use JSON parser framework
567) ExtBundleLoader - Load bundles as extensions in addition to the normal dylibs.
568) Google Data APIs - GData client library (Objective-C)
569) gremlin - Support library for Importing tracks into your iPod library with supported applications.
570) Gremlin2 - Import Media into Standard Apps
571) Hell launchd routines - This gives you the power to control launchd
572) hugs98 - Hugs 98 is a functional programming system based on Haskell 98, the de facto standard for non-strict functional programming languages. Hugs 98 provides an almost complete implementation of Haskell 98. Now on the iPhone. This package contains the interpreter and base, haskell98 and hugsbase packages.
573) hugs98-packages - Hugs 98 is a functional programming system based on Haskell 98, the de facto standard for non-strict functional programming languages. Hugs 98 provides an almost complete implementation of Haskell 98. Now on the iPhone. This package contains all the usual packages contained in the hugs98 release..
574) IconSupport - Support library for safe icon tweaks.
575) iPhone 2.0 Toolchain - Full *compatibility* toolchain with one click! Use this to compile your 1.1.x apps for 2.0 with some limitations. BigBoss' headers for 1.1.1 from working Cygwin toolchain. Also depends on all other necessary packages. Copies to /var/include and symlinks /usr/local/include to /var/include if possible. Also links gcc to arm-apple-darwin-gcc.
576) iPhone OS C/C++ Compiler - A simple C/C++ compiler for iPhone that supports iostream and stdio.h.
577) iWinnerBust - iWinnerBust is a terminal app that will create a appended memory dump of your app.
578) libdisplaystack - Library for switching, quitting and exiting apps
579) libelf - ELF executable file manipulation library
580) libexif - support lib for EXIF image metadata
581) libgpod - support to access the iPod library
582) libhide - Library to hide icons. If you are a developer wanting to use this library, code samples included in /usr/lib.
583) libiptcdata - support lib for IPTC image tags/metadata
584) libjsonz - easy-to-use, not so strict JSON parsing library written in C.
585) libneptune - Neptune Portable C++ Runtime Library
586) libplatinum - A cross-platform C++ library for discovering, controlling or implementing UPnP devices.
587) libplist - support for working with Property Lists
588) libstatusbar - Statusbar icon support for 4.x.
589) libzip - Provides libzip compiled for iOS 4.x. Opensource at
590) MFMusicLibrary.framework - dev support for accessing iPod library
591) RSSKit.framework - dev helper library for feed reading
592) sandcastle - Access nearly every directory from a sandboxed application
593) SandCastle 2 - Access nearly every directory from a sandboxed application
594) SBCustomIcon - Support for applications to change their icon dynamically.
595) SimpleAlert - A simple way to display UIAlertViews
596) SpringBoardAccess - Controls status bar icons from daemons
597) SpringBridge - This library provides the ability for apps to call some springboard functions directly. In the initial version, it exposes specialLaunchApp in order to launch an application.
598) Unbox - Access the whole filesystem as root from any - even from a sandboxed - application!
599) WeeLoader - Load Wee apps from a safe location
600) Holy Quran - Entire Holy Quran with Farsi & English translation.
601) AnkiMini - Anki server on iPhone. Access with Safari (http://localhost:8000).
602) DevmyApp JB - interactive development examples & source code
603) EnergySaver - Provides tips to help you save energy, the environment, and money.
604) ExMormon - Info for Mormons and Ex-Mormons
605) Fix My Eyes - Eye excercises using the Bates method
606) Flash CardZ! - ALPHABET - Fun and Educational app for your iPhone. Flash CardZ! is a learning tool for young children. They will learn their A, B, C's the fun way.
607) Flash CardZ! - Numbers - Fun and Educational app for your iPhone. Flash CardZ! Numbers was designed for kids just getting started with their numbers.
608) Flash CardZ! - Spanish - Learn your Spanish A, B, C's the easy way. With pictures and sound!
609) iDays with Source - Keep track of your days ;) And learn basic iPhone programming See how it works and what's under the hood! This program displays it's sourcecode where you can learn: - Basics on how to work with Dates, Calendar - Perform basic mathematics - Set Button's title, label's title - Save settings This program is using the internal API of the iPhone for calculations To fully implement this code you have to understand the Apple's Model View Controller concept and know how to use the Interface Builder. You may use this sourcecode as you need. Please, don't email with the questions regarding the code. It comes with absolutely no warranty. Thank you for checking us out!
610) Mandarin Bible Audiobook NE - Mandarin Bible Audiobook Network Edition is a FREE pocket Bible solution This version of the application needs the internet connection in order to play audio and show maps. Perfect when on the go. This application will let you to: - Read the Scriptures - Listen to the Scriptures - Listen and follow the text at the same time - See the maps of the Biblical Times We have also included handy tools such as search, notes bookmarks etc Special Thanks to Julius Maxdyanto ( for preparing the text, audio materials and interface translation.
611) Similac Mom - information tool for pregnant mothers and babies
612) Whats next - Tutorials for new jailbroken users.
613) 1,000,000US App - Purchase small logo ad areas on limited board 1000x1000 pixels.
614) 10 Best Yo Momma Jokes - Read the 10 best Yo Momma jokes, and listen to them being read out loud by a annoying squeaky voice!
615) 10000+ Japanese Bikini Girl - Find thousands of photos of Bikini Girl (Japanese) each time(Max 6400).
616) 1Babe1Day - See sexy models every day! Download now to have exciting days everyday.
617) 30 Apple Facts and Watch Apple Keynotes - Are you interested in the iPhone? How about the Mac? You are interested in Apple! Get "30 Apple Facts + Watch Apple Keynotes" today to learn more about Apple's secrets and watch interesting Apple Keynotes.
618) 360 Gamerz - Search for 360 friends etc right on your iPhone/iPod Touch
619) 8-Bit Fun! - create retro videogame profile pics
620) A Love Tester - Test Your Hotness in this Carnival like Love Tester. ...Press the Big Heart to say Your the Hottest, then let your friends do it and watch them get mad.
621) A Tutto Reality App - ITALIAN famous cartoon Total Drama World Tour
622) ABS Live 4D - provides latest Mayalsia 4D lottery results of Magnum, Da Ma Cai & Sports Toto.
623) Airport Distance - See how far it is from one airport to another. VERY useful for the constant commuter!
624) AL Count Down 2012 - CHINESE AL examination countdown clock
625) AL Count Down HD - AL examination countdown clock iPad
626) All About Bikini Girl - This application is an image search engine with the special browser. can find thousands of photos of Bikini Girl each time(Max 6400).
627) All About Sexy Girl - This application is an image search engine with the special browser. can find thousands of photos of Sexy Girl each time(Max 6400).
628) ALL-IN-1 Joke Box - Great dirty jokes, blond jokes and clean jokes, laughing for hours.
629) ALL-IN-1 Ringtones Box - Over 100,000 Ringtones to enjoy
630) Am I Fat - Checks your body mass index (BMI), which measures your body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. With this application you can determine if you're at risk for BMI Related Disease. You will also get the full information if for you body mass in great detail.
631) Animal Age - See how old you are as a fish, alligator, dog, cat, and many more with AnimalAge! Simply input how old you are (or what ever age you desire) and get your age. More animals coming so keep checking back!
632) Are You My Valentine? - See if your future between you and your love is good, bad, or something in between. Get the app today to see if you are compatible with your love! In addition you can share you result via Twitter Or Email!
633) Asian Hots - Upload collections of Asian beautiful girl's photos, download photos uploaded by other users and rate the images.
634) Ass Clown - have you ever wanted to just tell someone they are being a assclown and they need to get their helmet back on? well now with this little app you can do it just click and push and it will take care of them annoying assclowns for ya :)
635) aTube Video Downloader - search youtube videos, watch offline later
636) Awkward? - awkward moments that happened to people
637) Baby Names - Helps choose a baby name or people that are looking to change their name.
638) Backer - Download wallpapers. features keyword search
639) Bart Simpson Generator - Bart writes your message on a blackboard.
640) BBC iPlayer - Stream and Download 30 Rock videos onto your iDevice. Search and installl dTunes to download episodes. Just got to the Megaupload link and download it.
641) Bench Press Lite - Calculate your bench press strength
642) bigU Movies - download or stream high quality full movies
643) bigU Movies iPad - download or stream high quality full movies
644) Bikaffeeko - chase out long-ruling Arab dictators
645) Birth Signz - Want to know what symbol or animal you are according to your birthday? Birth Signs allows you to input your date of birth, and return your chinese and sun sign. Figure out what you are with Birth Signs!
646) BitWatch - DeepBit API client; monitor miner status
647) Blood Alcohol - Have you been drinking? See if you are too drunk and over the legal limit with BloodAlcohol!
648) Body Mass - Do you want to see if you are in shape, skinny, or fat? Do you want to know your percentage of body fat? Body Mass lets you figure that out!
649) BoobShake - BoobShake is an application where you shake your iPhone/iPod Touch. Then you will see the boobs on the screen shake. Once you stop the boobs will stop also. Download now!
650) Braless - An endless library of women that are braless
651) Brujula-Coin - Brujula.Net Random Coin Toss
652) Brujula-Games - Brujula.Net Games Missile Frogs Chess Mines GoldFish
653) Brujula-Horoscopo - Brujula.Net Horoscopos Refranes Juegos Mapas
654) Brujula-Webcams - Live Webcams from Eiffel Tower Paris, Times Square New York, Rio de Janeiro, Niagara Falls, Moscow Red Square, Pyramids of Giza, Glascow, Italy, Hamburg, Austria, and more.
655) Bubble Text - make fancy bubble text to use elsewhere
656) Car Wallpapers and Backgrounds - 3,600+ Car wallpapers and backgrounds
657) Celebrity Death Alerts - Wanna know if your favorite celebrity is still alive? Then this applications is for you! This will give you the latest news on Celebrity deaths.
658) Chat Bored - bored? free live chat with random people
659) ChristmasApp - Get in the Christmas spirit with ChristmasApp! Snow falls inside the app while you can count down the time until Christmas. A great app to anticipate the holidays.
660) ChronicTV - free fast TV media streaming service
661) Clockus for iPhone and iPad - Simple but beautiful clock, uses unique algorithm to draw LED-style digits.
662) ColourExtractor - adjust the color content of images
663) ComicShelf Lite - comic/manga portal for browsing online sites
664) Countdown to EOA5 - Countdown to MSPaintAdventure's EOA5!
665) Crazy Text - Easily write any text and inverse the letters or even flip them.
666) Cute Pets - Upload, rate and enjoy cute pet's photos with others!
667) Cyanide and Happiness - One of the most popular comics, now has an iPhone app for on the go. Cyanide and Happiness are both hilarious, as well as original. This is a must have app for jailbreakers, bringing comedy on the go.
668) DigiClock - DigiClock is an application where you have a digital clock right on our iPhone/iPod Touch. Its pretty cool, so download now!
669) Digital Rain - Matrix - Digital Raind Just a nice completely random animation of Japanese characters falling from the tap like in the movie.
670) DotA - Contains many interesting DotA images and videos. Updating frequently.
671) DouDiZhu Counter - calculate scores for Dou Di Zhu card game
672) Draw! - Draw, doodle and sketch simple images
673) Duke To Go - Duke To Go is a Megahal conversation simulator ported to the iPhone! Carry on an offline conversation with a disturbed and foul-mouthed bot that lives inside of your iPhone or iPod Touch.
674) Dumb Blonde Jokes - An application filled with funny Blonde Jokes!
675) Emulator ROMs - app featuring game system roms for download
676) Endgame Player - A player to the YouTube movie "Endgame".
677) F*ck You - Every wanted to use the term F*ck You? But can't because you don't want to say the term or can't. Well now you can with the F*ck You app!
678) Fake Crasher - Create fake cracks, holes and the burnt tracks on the screen your favourite iPhone.
679) Fashion Girls - If you like the fashion and beauty, now you can enjoy them on your iPhone/iPod touch. Fashion Girls gives you more than 10,000 of photos of the most beautiful and fashionable girls you have ever seen.
680) Fashion Men - more than 10,000 beautiful photos!
681) Fck Off - Fun little app to play with and use when necessary. A nice big button that says "F*ck Off !" when pressed.
682) FILTH.FM - 24hr radio stream: dubstep, grime, DNB
683) Free Flix - over 1200 Movies for download & streaming
684) Free Movies - Download free known movies, right from your iPhone or iPod touch!
685) Funny Pages - Puts over 220 comics in your pocket.
686) Funny Pictures - Read funny pictures more easily, including swiping, zooming the pictures, adding to bookmarks, sending by mail etc.
687) GamerCodesPro - All of your team codes for iMob, Mafia Wars, World Wars, and Racing Live all in one place and right on your iphone/ipod touch for millions to see.
688) Ghetto Namer - Want a Ghetto Name for you child? We'll this is the application for you we have names in this app that range from Aklanisha to McDonbisha.
689) Girl Facts - THIS APP IS SIMPLY AMAZING! If you are a guy, wanting to know what's inside a girl, then this is for you! 100 Facts to start you off! This app may be the difference from a date, or bored at home!
690) Girls Know Guys - 30 Things Us, Guys, want you, Girls to know. Simply Hilarious! A great get! Great kick out of it!
691) Giva Damn - Giva Damn is an application based off of the Give A Damn Animated Gif. You can use this app to tell your mouthy friends that you don't care and gives them the message to just STFU.
692) Glow Background - Customize Home Screen - Amazing glow wallpapers. Impress your friends.
693) GPA - Do you want to know how well you are doing in school? Then this is the app for you! simply enter your letter grades of your classes, and the amount of credits you get for each one, and get your grade point average!
694) Guitar - Play guitar with sustain, drive or both
695) Gym Babes - GymBabes v2. More girls, more exercises, more fun
696) Halo Mobile - This is for pranking purposes ONLY. Trick your friends and family into thinking you can really play Halo on your device!
697) Hand Gun - Have ever wanted to shoot? Well now you can with iGun. Simply open up the app and shake to shoot. Aim it at your friends for great laughs!
698) Helium - multi-functional capabilities for everyday uses
699) Hot Girlz - Want The hottest babes as your lockscreen or homescreen? Or do you just want to look through all the beautiful women? Here is your app! We are positive our app will have the HOTTEST girls you could ever find! NOTE: No nudity tolerated, shown, in our app
700) How old am I - This little app calculates how long you or your friends exist on this world.
701) Hypno Toad - All glory to the hypno toad. Amaze your friends baffle your enemies. Become the ruler of all you survey. All with the help of the all powerful Hypno Toad.
702) Hypnotizer - Hypnotizer - great application if you need some rest after hard work. A lot of colors and different animations. Run, set and enjoy.
703) I Am Lucky - Are you tired of thinking unique numbers in lotteries you play? Birthdays, happy numbers, simple calculation, anniversaries? Are you angry that your neighbor won the lottery and found a beautiful and hot girl next day (what a coincident)? Give yourself a chance. If this application doesn't bring you luck try the more expensive version of this product. Maybe they are more suitable for you. This powerful application generates all the numbers for you and if you are lucky enough (we believe you are) you are the next millionaire.
704) iAge - Do you want to know how old you are in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, ect? iAge allows you to input your birthdate and see how old you are, and a countdown down to the second of your next birthday! Fun app for all.
705) iAnime - hi-quality Japanese anime & Cartoon streaming and downloading
706) iAnnoying - Fun little application to annoy your friends. When you press the button, it plays the mosquito sound, the really high pitch sound. Check it out
707) iB*tch - iB*tch is a application that lets you say the term bitch. This application might be useful when you need/want to use the term, but don't want to say it, or can't
708) iBeatz - iBeatz is a new app, that let's you make your own beats, right on your iPhone. Check it out !
709) iBeep - Fun little application to Beep out cuss words, etc. Check it out !
710) iBroken - Do your friends, always ask to borrow your iDevice? Well now you can get iBroken and select "enter broken mode" and it will look like your iDevice is in DFU mode (it needs to be restored). This will defiantly stop your friends or relatives asking to borrow your iDevice. *Obviously this does not break or brick your iDevice. It just shows a image of a iDevice in DFU mode
711) iBullshit - Do you know people, that say untrue things? If so, this app is for you! When someone says something that is untrue simply press the big "bullshit" button!
712) iBurp - The iFart application for the upper half of the body! Simply tap each button to hear its burp.
713) iCampFire - iCampFire lets you see a almost realistic camp fire. You can put your iPhone aside and look at the beautiful camp fire, or you can push on the fire and hear it crackle.
714) iCheerleaders - Browse library of over 50 high-quality images, with great speed, stability, and in-app features,
715) iCrack - iCrack is an app where you could prank/trick your friends in thinking they broke your iDevice. Try it out and enjoy !
716) iDare - Stuck in a game of Truth or Dare? Don't know what to do?? iDare here to help! (over 40 Nasty Dares) PG-13!
717) iDonut - Eat a donut by tapping the screen. Very cool and funny.
718) iEurotrip - Watch the movie and see the best scenes, the soundtrack and read informations about the movie.
719) iFarty - Embarrass your friends with the most outrageous fart machine for the iPhone! With 5 funny fart sounds, and more to come, the laughs are sure to keep on rolling!
720) iFMyLife - Mobile Version of
721) iFone Formula 1 - All information about Formula 1 in your hand. Read always the newest news (in 5 languages), informations about the teams and rankings and much more. This all-in-one application.
722) iGong - iGong is a Gong simulator type thing for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Just a simple Toy to play around with. Check it out.
723) iLahit Radio - listen to net radio
724) iLol Free - Quick jokes and funny lines.
725) iMovies - high quality movie streaming. daily uploads
726) Inception Button - The Inception Button for iOS - Finally, you can have the power of inception in the palm of your hand!
727) iPhotoFX - apply cool effects to your photos
728) iPickup Girls - Want a girlfriend, but can't cause you can't leave your iPhone alone? Wanna look cool in front of girls? Wanna steal hearts from Innocent girls? Wanna be a player? Wanna do things people thought wasn't possible?? Now you can, with iPickup Girls. *Getting a girl is not guaranteed* **Results May Vary** ***Skills are NOT Included***
729) App - Top 100 songs from iTunes categogories
730) iPonder - Awesome questions to keep you thinking! iPonder asks you questions you would never think of. Random, fun, and interesting. Pass the time with iPonder!
731) iRadioMobile - radio stream with positive music 24/7
732) iRunning - The essential app for runners. Calculate how many calories you have burned on your run with iRunning!
733) iSena - Official app of Senators24. Follow his forum, twitter and apps
734) iSignage - use iPad for readable digital signage
735) iStreamNet - Watch TV shows directly on your device
736) iTalkie - voice chat with friends over bluetooth
737) iTapCounter - Increment a counter with just one tap on the screen. This app is for people that wants to test taps or anything.
738) iTrickedU - Smash your homescreen like never before. *Impossibly* realistic.
739) iTV Shows - Over 30 Seasons to Stream or Download
740) iUFC - Watch UFC's PPV shows & fights free
741) iVoiceChanger - Real time change the pitch during call. To perform the call your phone will dial to a remote server using an international number, international rates will apply.
742) iWalMart - Things to do while at walmart.
743) iWhisper - share burning secrets with the world
744) iWrestling - View and download your favourite wrestling shows including PPV for free
745) Japanese Sexy Girl - find thousands of photos of Sexy Girl (Japanese) each time(Max 6400).
746) Joke Shuffle - JokeShuffle provides the largest collection of jokes in App Store by now. JokeShuffle adopts the state-of-the-art technologies in collective intelligence and data mining to create one of the largest collections of jokes.
747) KartinaTV - watch Kartina.TV service. 111 Russian channels
748) KartinaTV HD (iPad version) - watch Kartina.TV service. 111 Russian channels
749) KDCalc - gamers' calculator for kill-death ratio
750) App - extracts download links to hosted movies
751) Kiss Tester - See if you`re a hot kiss bandito or a kiss looser.
752) Korean Bikini Girl - thousands of photos of Bikini Girl (Korean)
753) Korean Sexy Girl - find thousands of photos of Sexy Girl (Korean) each time(Max 6400).
754) LetsGoDutch - calculate % of tip your party should pay
755) Lie Detector - This app will say you if a sentence is a lie or not.
756) Listen2MyRadio - Positive music 24/7; live shows Thursdays
757) Loading Story - This application is perfect for you if you have kids or a lot of friends who like to play on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Of course you also get a lot of questions like: - Do you have anything new? - What is this? - How do I play this game? - Help me!? and so on... Here is our role to help you. That's why we created our game, application or whatever it is - Loading Story. Once you run Loading Story you are welcomed with typical racing game music, speed-o-meter and loading indicators. The loading label and the speed-o-meter blinks to tell the user that the application is loading... but it never gets loaded! When user is bored waiting there is high possibility he will press the cancel button and than a laugh comes out of the speakers and he got information how many seconds of his precious life he'd wasted. Enjoy!
758) London2012 - guide & journey of 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
759) Loop - configurable continuous playback of videos
760) LotteryPicker - Need some help picking those winning lottery numbers? Look no further! LotteryPicker picks your numbers for you. LotteryPicker scrolls through numbers (like a slot machine does) until it lands on the numbers. Check it out!
761) Love Tester - This is a very nice Love Tester. See if you and your bunny fit perfectly together.
762) MafiaMate - MafiaMate is an application to share your Mafia Wars friend codes, so you get a large mob. You can also submit your own code, so others can get you in their mob too.
763) Mahjong Counter - a counter for Mahjong games
764) Michael Jackson Quiz - How well did you know Michael Jackson? Take this free quiz to find out! (No personal information is asked!)
765) Millionaire - Millionaire allows you to accurately predict when you will have enough money saved to become a millionaire!
766) Movie Land - stream & download NEW Movies, no wait time
767) Movie Stream - stream movies instantly on your iDevice
768) MovieLinks - access all iPhone movie sites; add your own
769) Movies Downloader iPad - Download hundreds of movies with this app for the iPad!
770) Ms. Use - download/read issue of Israel magazine Ms. Use
771) MTG Life - Life counter for Magic: The Gathering
772) MTG Life for Multiplayer - Life counter; multiplayer Magic: The Gathering
773) MusicPost - tweet/post your currently playing song
774) MyBabyLearn - fun & interactive learning; animals, colors, food, numbers
775) myCinema - Watch a lot of movies for free right on your iPhone!
776) Nam Mag - voting for girl models from Nam Magazine.
777) NBA Teams - Have you ever forgotten the name of one of your hated NBA Teams? Well this app is for you. This app show all of the NBA Teams in a nice interface.
778) NFL Teams - View all of the NFL Teams in alphabetical order using this application. Any suggestions, please email the Developer.
779) Nike Shoe Facts - Awesome facts about Nike shoes worn by famous basketball players. These are the top 10 shoes and you can scroll to the shoe you like and check out the couple paragraph facts.
780) No Smoking - Simple application to help people stop smoking
781) Obama Deception - A simple teaser for the new film by Alex Jones, The Obama Deception, coming March 15, 2009. Buttons to visit,, and play Alex Jones saying "Obaaaaama...Obaaaama."
782) Oh Shit - Oh Shit, is an application which has a huge button that says "Oh Shit" when pressed. Fun toy kind of thing to play with when the words are needed to be said.
783) OMG Facts Offline - a few hundred facts from OMGFacts made into an offline iphone application.
784) OMGFacts - Read awesome facts every day and find out something you never ever knew right on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Very interested facts every hour. Download now!
785) OSFaker - Android and WP7 Simulator
786) PayUpBra - Owe somebody big? Like I mean really big! Or they owe you something big? And I don't mean money. Then this is all you need to remind them. You can quickly make an I.O.U or an U.O.ME and show it to them. Then they will know that they owe you something or you owe someone something. Its a quite simple and entertaining app. Download it now!
787) Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Watch a banana sing and dance a song made famous on youtube. Also if you press the banana, he will make a sound.
788) Peanut Butter Jelly Time by walruscode - Make any time Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
789) Picker Timer - fast-starting timer app for pasta cooking
790) Pimp Your Llama - change fur color, head, legs and more
791) Pimpsn'Fros - Add a super fly pimp hat or hella sweet 'Fro to you or your pimptastic friends. Choose from your own photos or take a pic with the built in camera (iPhone).
792) Pink Girls - Many high quality albums of fashion girls paid app.
793) Pissed-Off - share your frustrations with the world
794) Poke Homer - Poke Homer Simpson and laugh at the funny sounds he makes
795) Polish Models - Beautiful typical polish girls. Meet six very beautiful girls and 81 pictures presenting them. All photos come within the application, so you don't have to be online to browse them.
796) Polls Online (Quizzes) - Create simple online surveys / quizzes / polls and collect answers from iPhone and iPod touch users all over the world.
797) PopulationOfEarth - simple converter of binary to decimal
798) Random Facts - These interesting facts and useless tidbits of knowledge will have you wanting more. So download it right now and get started learning cool facts!
799) Rate My Pic - curious on how your pic rates on a scale?
800) RCC Live - live video streaming Bible studies/services
801) RCC Prayer Wall - post prayer petitions at
802) RCC Radio - The hottest Christian music around.
803) Reaction Tester - Are you a slow noob or a fast guy? Test it with this new cool app from NG-Productions.
804) Renacimiento 1490 AM Radio - a Christ-centered radio station
805) Rick Roll Caller - make prank Rick Roll calls to friends. free
806) Ring Side News Mobile - RingsideNews, wrestling news, WWE and TNA
807) Rock Paper Scissors - Rock, Paper, Scissors is an application where you challenge the computer to a Rock, Paper, Scissors game. It is between you and the computer. Will it be a Draw, Win, or Lose? Download now and find out!
808) Sanity Check - Fool your friends with this :). The App will show you the inside of your device looking for possible system errors or malfuncions*
809) Screw off - Are you pissed of some people? Now you can do something about this ! get this amazing app and this problems are gone ! and when are you angry you can say "fuck off!!!" and then you can say that the app told you to do this !
810) Silk Stocking Girls - Thousands of silk stockings girls, Enjoy! iWallpaper
811) Smoking - See the effects of smoking both financially and health wise by using the "Smoking" app. Input your daily intake of cigarettes and how many years you have been smoking and the Smoking app will tell you how much money you have wasted as well as days and years of your life.
812) Snapple Facts! - review the original Snapple facts
813) Son Of A Bit*h - This is a fun application, of a "Son of a Bit*h" button, where when you push it, it says the words. Just to play around with when your friend or someone says something you dont like, just pull out your phone and push the button !
814) Speedometer - see how fast you are moving
815) Spiral Hypno - Bored? Get Hypnotized. Run the application, adjust the speed and direction and fly away :).
816) StreamShire - stream movies & TV, news, radio, games, documentaries & more
817) TBM Radio - Brutal heavy metal music from's station. TBM features heavy metal music from today's hottest and most brutal bands as well as some of yesterday's hottest metal bands.
818) tell my secret -- Secret Out! - Tell a secret then feel better. Everyone has secrets.
819) thBoard - chalkboard for sketching or notetaking
820) The Secret - Tell the world a secret then you will feel better.
821) Tickle Me Emo - Tickle the Emo Elmo.
822) Top 10 Twitter Babes - Top 10 Twitter Babes is an application that shows the top ten babes of twitter. There are some really hot pictures in here so download not!
823) Top 10 Twitterers - Find who the Top 10 Twitter users are. This application automatically feeds the 10 Twitter users from the server, and updates every time this app opens.
824) Top 50 Kayne West Jokes - This is an application where we make fun of Kayne West by what he said to Taylor Swift at the VMA'S and we just changed it to other things. This is a very funny app and you will laugh hard. Download it now !
825) Troll Science - View/download latest user-submitted images
826) True, Useless, and Interesting Facts - over 201 interesting facts in one app
827) uBurp - Press the buttons to hear the different burp sounds. With over 14 sounds you have lots of options. A great app to prank your friends
828) UDecide - UDecide is an app where your iPhone/iPod Touch can decide for you! If your ever having problems and need someone to decide for you then you have it right in your pocket. It has the most common answers to most questions asked and also has a fun little Russian Roulette.
829) UltimateRC - R/C gear calculator, manual viewer & stopwatch
830) UnlimDownloads - media/movie/tv/music downloader featuring support for mp4, m4v, mp3, zip and pdf for now.
831) UnlimVideos - Watch full movies without having to download.
832) Virtual Fish - virtual fish tank on your iPhone
833) VocabularyStudy - vocabulary; tap them to get definitions
834) Walkie Talkie - device-to-device voice & text chat
835) Watch VEVO - watch music videos by keyword search
836) WatchMob - YouTube video downloader. Supports resuming
837) Wilhelm - Explores world famous film sound-effect
838) WindChill - See how cold it REALLY feels with WindChill! Plug in how cold you think it is and how fast the wind is blowing. You will then see the temperature as how it feels.
839) World Time - Figure out what time it is in any part of the world with WorldTime! WorldTime's clocks never stop, and you see the time live down to every tick of a second!
840) WoW Gear Score - Access your gear score for your World of Warcraft(WoW) characters. Compare with your friends.
841) WTF - Ever just needed to have a WTF button, for those times when you need to break the ice or when you just needed to use the "term" but you can't or don't want to say it? Well now you can with the WTF App!
842) Yo Mama jokes of ALL TIME - Yo Mama Jokes is an application that brings you the top jokes of all time. It has the features for fat, ugly etc! Download now...
843) YoMama - YoMama Joke Generator.
844) YoMommaLatest - the latest yo momma jokes every week
845) Amargna Ermiyas Font - for Amarhic characters. Uses Bytafont
846) Amharic Serif BytaFont - iOS4-compatible font for BytaFont
847) Ethiopia Jiret Slant BytaFont - iOS4-compatible font for BytaFont
848) 28 Days Later FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
849) Alfa Romeo FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
850) Amharic FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
851) Apple FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
852) Arctic Monkeys FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
853) Army Stencil FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
854) Aston Martin FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
855) Base02 FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
856) BMW FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
857) Capture it FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
858) Caviar Dreams FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
859) Chicago FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
860) Chiller FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
861) Comic Sans MS Fontswap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
862) Defused Font - Defused LockClock Font. Font owned by its respective owner.
863) DiRT 2 FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
864) Docteur Atomic Font - Docteur Atomic LockClock Font. Font owned by its respective owner, we just ported it to the iPhone.
865) Dodge Viper FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
866) Evolution FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
867) Fallout FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
868) Ferrari FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
869) Franz Ferdinand FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
870) Ganix Apec FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
871) Garrys Mod FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
872) Giro FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
873) Grand Theft Auto FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
874) Jaguar FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
875) Lambo Diablo FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
876) Lamborghini FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
877) Left 4 Dead FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
878) Magazine Clippings FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
879) Manu FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
880) Maserati FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
881) Modern Warfare 2 FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
882) Neurpol FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
883) Nintendo FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
884) Pininfarina FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
885) Popstar Autograph FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
886) Porsche FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
887) PS3 FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
888) Quarters FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
889) Red Oktober FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
890) Simpsons FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
891) Sliced AB FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
892) Soolidium FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
893) Star Wars FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
894) Stardom Font - Stardom LockClock Font. Font owned by its respective owner.
895) Stretche Signature FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
896) Super Mario FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
897) Team Fortress 2 Fontswap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
898) Top Gear FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
899) Transformers FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
900) Twilight FontSwap Pack - FontSwap fonts for your iPhone or iPod
901) Typewriter FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
902) Up and At Em FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
903) Welcome To The USSR FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod
904) Yahoo FontSwap - FontSwap font for your iPhone or iPod


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